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digital coach

Navigating the digital world can be tough and overwhelming. What are your goals, mission and vision? That's why I'm here to help you create, navigate and develop an authentic social-media presence.

Starting a new business or personal project? I want to help you develop that idea and create a digital strategy that is catered to your needs and budget. 


From Kansas City, Missouri. Studied at American University in Washington, DC. Ran as far as I could to Cairo, Egypt. Studied at American University in Cairo. After 3 years, moved back to Kansas City to help my mom beat cancer. 

Fast forward 9 years, I found myself working in nonprofit, education and technology. I decided to switch gears and went back to school a few years ago. Now, I help people define & create content that is authentic to their brand, mission and vision.

Need more info? Here's my resume.



Here's a small sample of my work, content creation, video editing and website design. Not everything is perfect, but a great example of what I've done, learning and willing to do.


Fall Mailchimp
Nov Mailchimp
Andrew Murphy Website
CSS Zen Website
Ajax Example



Mia Monarca, 2018

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